Solution: Link to a pleroma instance instead.

But seriously, looks like zucc is scared. He and jack can either add activitypub to their shit or fade into obscurity

@r000t ive gotten that happen EVERY single time i mention it.. i did put my mastodon handle in my fb bio minus the first @ sign.. to trip[ it up tho

@ringo This is for your account, or any Mastodon instance, or anything activitypub in general?

sounds like facebook is trying to illegally stifle competition

@r000t any mention of telling friends about fedi ... with a domain to join an instance, is banned for example, and for sure is, havent tried activitypub mentioning.

@ringo @r000t neckbeard links will drop me from chat, and I've encountered a handful of other instances that do too. I think or something will. I've been unsure whether it's just not trusting certain TLDs or deliberate attacks against fedi.

@Zerglingman @ringo absolutely no way they're maintaining a list.

I'll try it super quick while watching graylog. I bet you can bypass it by blocking facebook's link fetcher from accessing APIs

@r000t @Zerglingman ok now you have my attention... ill wait for the report back, :) i never know how smart the people are im dealing with here, but this piqued my interest.. :D

@ringo @Zerglingman well, I can't login to my failbook because windows is refusing to read my u2f token.

tagging @p

@r000t @ringo @Zerglingman

> I can't login to my failbook because

Whatever the rest of the sentence is, I don't recommend logging into Facebook.

> because windows is refusing to

I don't recommend ever booting Windows.

As far as Facebook blocking fedi, I see attempts by things claiming to be the Facebook bot fetching some stuff from FSE, but that could just be people spoofing user-agents.

Some things are worth accepting bullshit EULAs for.

Time and time again.
@Zerglingman @ringo

@Zerglingman @p @r000t thats probably because they're profiling everyone who dares put the FQDN into their system. afterall, FB may as well be an offshoot of the cee yeaayah. .

@ringo yeah, they're totally looking for AP endpoints and blocking those.

and they'll turn around and say "oh it's because alt right gab" andrew torba can fucking hang himself

@r000t its far simpler - just takes eyeballs away from the ads and from face-vegas. i only use it because there are some good folks there who are unable to figur out how to use computers..

@r000t you cannot create a post if it contains the string ""
@fluffy @r000t zucc is too busy being super rich and evading taxes to care what anime shitposters are doing in the shadows.
@yes @r000t exactly

facebook is dictating to governments what to do and crossing swords with US Congress

mastodon entire generates less than a median salaried engineer

they are not the same
@yes @r000t @fluffy you mean what gab alternatives are doing in the shadows
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