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We're getting involved, we're getting the job done, and we're looking so damn good doing it.

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>>> rick = "I turned myself into a bytestream, Morty. I'm"
>>> pickle(rick)
b"\x80\x03X-\x00\x00\x00I turned myself into a bytestream, Morty. I'mq\x00."

A client that does its own work building you a federated timeline should make single-user instances suck a little bit less.

It fetching thread replies on its own should make using Mastodon suck a bit less. Hot same for new people.

"Oh, this person's neat, we interact often, but their profile only shows statuses someone I follow boosted because why do a single GET request to actually flesh out their profile?"

When they turn off the public streaming API, but leave the public profile directory intact.

Crawl all mentions, favorites, and boosts for the public profiles, discover most of the nonpublic ones.

And fediEngine can do it in less than a minute.

My use of your preferred pronouns is an act of respect.

It's something I can, and will, stop doing if you aren't going to show the same courtesy and respect. This is a two-way street.

If you stop treating me like an equal, I can respond in part. How about we be nice to each other?

This is a fantastic example of the lunacy of Fediverse "activists"

You admit that there are marginalized communities that are embattled, cut down, and otherwise fucked with, IRL, by both randoms and the state itself....

But all of your fighting, all of your effort, everything you're doing to "help"..... Is minorly inconveniencing people who might make fun of them on the Internet.

The people who need your help the most HAVE BIGGER FUCKING PROBLEMS. But actually helping is hard, isn't it?

just btw, if you see all the things wrong with...
*) Extracting oil, gas, or coal
*) Incarcerating people
*) Child labor

And your response, your thing that you're doing to help, is that your shitty little microblogging software cannot be used by those entities:

1) You're greatly underestimating the attorneys used by entities that do these things
2) You aren't helping anybody
3) You. Aren't. Helping. Anybody.
4) Those companies will use your shit anyway, if they want


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PSA: Windows 7 end of support means: Scavenge all the 'old' computers! It be raining computing devices (prolly also a lot of data because newbs) which can be transformed with a single USB to a fully fledged linux workstation! i3-i5 intels for the grabs, if you're lucky i7!
Think: Companies, Libraries, Schools and Most of all Government institutes (they prolly be dumping their XP boxes and having a hard day finding out that their new integrated systems now function on 7 and need 5 years + millions to get to run on 10)

Free!!!! OEH! and if you're really lucky, they be thinking that they need new monitors too, because of win10 :blobcatgooglytrash:

People who obsess over software licenses: have you seen this new "non-violent" public license?

I have a question: If someone uses this license for software that includes GPL'd code, isn't that a violation of the GPL? This license puts arbitrary restrictions on what the software can be used for, which, seemingly, simultaneously violates Freedoms 0, 2, and 3.

(my fedi client will be fully GPL'd Btw)

Client it is. Triggering people who get triggered by their public posts being public will come another day.

Client will be:
1) PyQt5. Cross platform. No Electron.
2) tabbed, QTreeView. Very high density. Should be unique. Meant for power users.
3) multiple accounts, of course!
4) Open a unified timeline, individual timelines, instances' public timelines, in tabs
5) Tor support, per-account
6) User agent can be changed, so nobody can punish you for using r000t's software
7) Requests?

I'm btw patiently waiting for someone to bitch and moan that I ripped their lame joke.

So I can simply say "sorry my dude, I tried to boost, shit's broken. complain@ ur admin lmao"

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(just btw, I don't boost from instances I'm blocked on. I just steal the content. No federation issues.)

Peak mastodon is when someone told a woman that her liking big dicks is ableist against microdick havers


I may have found a way to grab statuses anonymously from instances with authenticated fetch turned on!

Mastodon is, as we all know, a clone of Twitter.

Twitter was, since it was created, designed to be a broadcast mechanism first and foremost. This goal shaped the very format of the service. The reason to make a Twitter account was to make use of the broadcast mechanism to publish a message, to the public. This is where the idea of "personal brands" came from.

The whole point is that it's public, to get a message to as many people as possible.

If you don't like this >>>Try Forum Software<<<

Really bad analogy.

1) Plenty of people take pictures of graffiti and children's sidewalk chalk drawings. There are communities dedicated to this.

2) Nobody was scraping your posts while you were drafting them. Your public statuses were scraped after YOU pushed them to a decentralized network of potentially thousands of unique servers representing hundreds of thousands of unique people.

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alright I'm either making a scraper or I'm making a decent fedi desktop client

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@r000t last time I suggested to maybe not post every brain diarrhea publically I was deemed an enemy of the people. So tbh: who gives a shit about $latest_outrage? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hey, guys whining about people scraping your public posts for research

Might wanna get rid of your "insta". and your "snap".

Those companies are straight up mining your messages and selling the result. Even the private ones.

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