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Here, I trimmed out the only part of the LoR teaser that's actually worth watching.

Little punk buddy doing what he does best: Building something amazing with a part someone was careless enough to drop into Zaun.

It's okay, you don't miss much after this scene. Just shittier inventors using Ekko's technology with like, no fucking attribution.

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@lanodan @tuxcrafting "sorry i have to ban you from our australian mastodon server, you didn't swear enough, cunt"


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"I swear, all the dang time people are trying to convince me that my dick's on fire. I look down, it looks fine, then they try to prove it at me. They show me a video of someone else's dick spontaneously combusting. I carefully explain "That's not my dick, I don't see this going down." and they wanna argue with me. Wake me up when wherever you live stops sending people here to jam up the freeways and serve me coffee."

Quote of the Day by @p.
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@coolboymew >"My guy can deep throat harder than your guy!"

What the fuck is going on in here?
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"Yeah?! Well I bet my guy can eat more cyanide pills than your guy!"
"You're on! Trump can eat more cyanide pills than any fake president!"

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TRUMP 2016
"What about Hillary's emails?"

TRUMP 2020
"What about Biden's hard drive?"

TRUMP 2024
"What about Bernie's SSD?"

TRUMP 2028
"What about Yang's neuralink?"

TRUMP 2032
"What about GovernatorBotEX's level 3 cache?"

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Moscow Mitch sees the long lines of voters and the fundraising numbers for Democratic candidates and is now scared. He's having his corporate benefactors dump millions into the Senate races to try and save his majority.

The other day on his conference call, he said that "Democrats are on fire." Just watch, Mitch, because now we're going to pour it on.

If you'd like to help shove the worthless Republican Senators into retirement, donate and sign up to get out the vote in these final weeks. 2/5

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"her email server"
"his hard drive"

This is messaging directly to boomers. People who are proud they don't know how to use a computer.

It's arcane. It's scary. You don't need to understand it! You just need to know.... her server! His hard drive! Run! Tell all your friends! The monster is here!

If elected president, I promise to always say ventilator like andrew cuomo does, answer zero questions about it, and make no reference to it other than this status.

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This 2 ounces of CBD flower cost $60. It’s legal, categorized as “industrial hemp”. And also came with a message to law enforcement in the box.

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When you’ve been scapegoated, mobbed, sacrificed at the stake, you don’t really get the same warm fuzzy sense of “community” that other people do. You don’t really relax into singing tribal songs, or targeting tribal enemies. You don’t really enjoy tribal comforts at all.

BTW, if you're running an even remotely controversial site, and the public facing addresses *aren't* $2.50/month reverse proxies....

1) you won't be handling very much traffic
2) you're fucking stupid and deserve to get ToS'd every 5 minutes.

And if people are scanning the Internet to find where your application server is, because you aren't authenticating requests from the reverse proxies, you're fucking stupid and deserve to get ToS'd every 5 minutes

A comment on that Krebs article btw:

"I’m not a fan of any of these nuts, but being able to completely de-platform anyone – and I do mean anyone – is a deeply and dangerously Orwellian concept. If you think this is a good thing and that it will never be used against you, I would invite you to crack a history book or two sometime. On the left we have people like Robert Reich on Twitter today proposing a literal Ministry of Truth, and I have zero doubts that the political right wouldn’t do the same thing if they thought they could get away with it. I also have zero doubts that if Reich did get his wish, that it would inevitably be turned against progressives once conservatives get power again. It is never a good thing for such power to exist, and only the most thoroughly evil and shortsighted humans would argue otherwise."

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This is one of the few good reasons to use CloudFlare.

It's also why I use hourly VPSs as a reverse proxy for the fake scraper instances.

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What if this is a non suck android music player, vlc user interface is like five bucks on GOG I'm willing to invest in a wheelchair with a six sided die new limit 10 rolls and up to declare all streaming as copyright infringment so they don't hate us because I'm going to help it breed.
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