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Just a reminder that "the good guys" are continuing to, on a daily basis, commit federal crimes that have gotten people 10+ year prison sentences. Daily.

Aren't these the same people that screech "nobody is above the law" when a certain Florida retiree is brought up?

Can somebody, who is an admin on Mastodon 3.5.3 or later, report this post? If you are asked to send a report to my instance, select no.

Thanks Eugene.

You took away the ability to delete a post, of any kind, without going through the entire report flow.

I don't want to notify a remote admin; I know they don't care. I just want to not be rehosting the content in question.

So again, thanks Eugene, for the drama that I am about to receive.

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>put settings back to get a before screenshot
>problem doesn't come back

So the setting didn't actually matter. Something had to be refreshed, and that happened when I changed the scaling settings at all.

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>have 1440p monitor
>after some time, certain icons look incredibly pixelated
>but this also affects some UX elements in games, both in their launchers and the game itself
>At least 100 Microsoft Answers and over 9000 Reddit posts say "change your scaling to 100%"
>it's already there
>all of the answers are the same

>open nvidia settings
>look around
>see scaling options
>change it to no scaling, and to have scaling be done by the GPU rather than the display
>problem instantly disappears
>dont even have to restart apps

I just don't feel like replying to all of these years-old threads with the solution, but I gotta get this out there somehow.

"Windows is better than any open source solution because it's supported and backed by a billion dollar company. Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft."

Microsoft's support: Thank you for posting in the community. Clearly your drivers are out of date. Run SFC scannow. Boot into safe mode. Try reinstalling and be sure to mark this reply as helpful if it solved your problem.

Well fuck, where am I gonna get not-trash cards now?

"pixar gabe newell holding a gravity gun" looks like alex jones

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"pissed everyone off in literally record time" - Recommended by 10 out of 10 people who, for some sad reason, have a dedicated column up to watch #fediblock.