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Man, poking over to the canceldon side of fedi makes me want to work on fediEngine again, just to piss off the "I don't consent to screenshots" crowd

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lmao madness

not even any comment or note. just "I don't like this REPORT"

Second time in a row I've woken up to an IFS pop-up.

UBI is comin'

But it's not gonna happen as a function of a natural process.

Installing something new starts with a reboot.

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stop likig my posts wtf guys i make them to piss you off and you’re over here liking them

That's so weird... Those "The Patriot Eagle dot Facebook" boomer blogs had a precisely four year gap where they didn't use tags like "big government"

Government only too big when it's not Their Team.

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Okay, so... @pussyslayer2 shows up on the 7th saying the glowies are freaking out and shit's getting real.

A bartender friend in DC says the city's empty and she got only $11 in tips over the weekend.

There's a massive concrete barrier that just went up around the White House an hour ago and all the cameras went offline.

Wonder if it's okay to start freaking out. (Probably unrelated, but the VM that used to host FSE is having network connectivity issues since 21:17 UTC, around the time the wall went up around the White House.)
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> A concealed $30 device that taps the video signal from a target's computer's VGA signal output so the NSA can see what is on a targeted desktop monitor. It is powered by a remote radar and responds by modulating the VGA red signal (which is also sent out most DVI ports) into the RF signal it re-radiates; this method of transmission is codenamed VAGRANT. RAGEMASTER is usually installed/concealed in the ferrite choke of the target cable.

:tinfoil3: A real rough fuckin' page to read if you're the paranoid sort: :tinfoil4:

Ah, this... would explain why riot fucked up Ekko's perfectly good character design for Arcane.

Because there's now a 9-man team of people at riot, dedicated to injecting identity politics into any place there's room. And a few places there isn't.

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"pissed everyone off in literally record time" - Recommended by 10 out of 10 people who, for some sad reason, have a dedicated column up to watch #fediblock.