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Leavin' notes for in a very indirect manner. I wonder if anyone will notice. (:randysavage: Octagon Dot Social :hulkhogan: totally hates FSE, but they hate everybody.)

Request signing is no good, like seriously.
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if your girl won't bury you alive to help you attain immortality, is she even the right one?

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* You start knocking people over with your dick every time you turn around
* You'll be absolutely drowning in pussy and/or cock

>car rams into a christmas parade
>it's november 21

imo I'd say he had good reason.

they literally just fixed that ram leak in dolphin/kio, now I gotta deal with this shit

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Netflix and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

damn, mastodon't support album art without making the audio sound like trash

Have some Oleander.

Fucking.... Everyone on Twitter likes the new hair better and is literally begging riot to backport it to League.

Ekko's mohawk has been part of his style literally since 2015. Even for shit released *this year*! Don't fucking change it. Don't shit on a perfectly good character to sell more units.

He's perfect, just as he is.

"new" style is the fourth picture. Everything here is official artwork.

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maybe someday people will stop paying vmware for fucking hypervisors and I can make some god damned money off of knowing proxmox

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You will never be completely free from risk if you are free. The only time you can be completely free from risk is when you are in prison.

Edward Snowden, 2015

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And yes, I *only* watched scenes with him in them, like an absolute Chad.

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"pissed everyone off in literally record time" - Recommended by 10 out of 10 people who, for some sad reason, have a dedicated column up to watch #fediblock.