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Btw neither masto or pleroma have reasonable character limits on incoming posts or subjects so you can fill those with random non-compressible bullshit and it rapes the database even faster and sometimes causes postgres to oom

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I'm off writing this fucking nonsense if anybody fucking needs me

I made the mistake of following one of you assholes in 2019 and now nobody on the good side of the network is allowed to talk to me.

I fucking hate all of you and I miss Twitter.

"It's the decentralized network of the future"

Yeah there's the same 12 people I'm allowed to talk to and none of them share a single fucking hobby with me what a fucking joke

"he pauses every so often he's lost it he's senile he's a husk"

OK, now do the guy who needs two hands to drink, thinks passing the MOCA is a huge cognitive feat, and can't say the words "anonymous", "origins", or "states"

I post nice ideas so nobody can patent them. Afterwards, at least.

I want to start a site where you can anonymously post patentable ideas so they aren't patentable anymore. Literally an open site filled with prior art.

A battery pack that has a port dedicated to, or can programmatically have a port dedicated to, mission critical/life supporting systems. The battery pack will shut off power to the other ports at a given threshold, and optionally can audibly alarm, or send a Bluetooth message, when the battery pack is running low, if the bespoke load disappears, or if the user marks it missing.

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Fedi is not a social network.

Social networks are where you find people with similar interests to yours.

I have nothing in common with you assholes.

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I don't tell you nobody cares about your thinly veiled smut whenever I open fedilab in public and then have to sift through hundreds of posts about the latest adventures of the dozens of shows with big breasted ten year old girls in sailor outfits that are "thousands of years old I swear officer" but exhibit the behavior, mannerisms, vocabulary and countenance of a ten year old girl...

And I expect the same fucking courtesy when I post about my hobbies.

Just btw a multimedia book with different endings was 1) explored in a movie with tom hanks' retarded ass 2) already done by leap frog in the early 2000s.

Your challenging gameplay is literally used to teach children shapes and colors and animals and whatever the fuck else.

Again, third rate gamers, fourth rate steam deck.

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Ah wait I forgot, I can't find league players on this side of fedi because it's a real time strategy game and not a picture storybook with prepubescent girls.

You guys bag on game journos but your idea of challenging gameplay is... Talking to women. Lmao.

I'm off writing this fucking nonsense if anybody fucking needs me

Oh and your guy isn't getting reinstated

Q is Jim Watkins

His PGP private key is sitting on a disk drive 20 feet from me. At least a dozen fucking people have pwnt that dumpster fire.

Trust the fucking plan, keep believing the girl in the glorified PowerPoint presentation loves you, seethe at r000tles because you can't handle a real time strategy game.

She'll never fuck you.

You'll get a stammered reply and a gesture to the nearest roadie to usher you away from her.

It's okay. She loves you in the slidesh- "visual novel". Anon-kun.


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"pissed everyone off in literally record time" - Recommended by 10 out of 10 people who, for some sad reason, have a dedicated column up to watch #fediblock.