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btw, a huge twitch streamer just got suspended on some random's say-so.

it won't ever be enough. they want blood.

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@ChristiJunior @matrix It's called being a decent fucking human being!

*attacks people with a bike lock and burns down homes and apartment buildings*

Educate yourself!

*bans books, topples statues, rewrites history*
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@matrix It's about being a decent fucking person!

*doxes 13 year olds and embraces the most murderous ideology in human history
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>Account permanently suspended for making a death threat towards a dead mosquito. The man started a new account.

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Time to check in on the fediverse, my favorite dumpster fire comprised of smaller dumpster fires networked together.
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thingken bout the matrix:
i think the pills are reversed. the more likely way to enslave someone in a false reality is to make them believe they are a hero overcoming the odds, the saviour of humanity, the "one", as toiling in this reality and engaging in a phony fight against the machines would end up being the thing that keeps you enslaved by them (leftists raging against the machine whilst Harvard gives them honorary degrees). the actual real "red pill" reality is the Mr Anderson software programmer one we see at the start of the film, the boring drab life he leads, this is the more likely reality because it something you don't want to be in. it's unappealing. if you wanted to enslave someone in the matrix you would give them an attractive illusion, not one they want to escape from.
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Americans be like:
Lower the voting age to 14 because they're as smart as adults
but don't sexualize 18/19 year olds who are minors
and its okay to use a pink pacifier and wear childs clothes and call your partner daddy
but we also need ADULT coloring books for ADULTS

What the hell y'all even want? Do you even know or are y'all just winging it?
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slapping my balls so loud i kill an enemy in tf2

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Dr. Disrespect got permab& from Twitch for saying anything bad about alinity

Now is fedi streaming's time to shine. But I cannot remember the name of the fedi twitch clone.

And when I was at my saddest

A telemarketer called. I'm on the do not call list.

Maybe she'll actually kill herself, like I told her to. Maybe she'll kill herself after I fire off a TCPA demand letter to her boss.

I'm a little happier after making a telemarketer cry.

And nothing of value was lost. Good riddance, let's hope every other "influencer" drops soon.

Got a 500 dollar drone today.

Crashed my drone today.

Could have wiped my ass with 500 bucks today.

Sad again. About to take it out on the tumblrverse with a scraper.

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