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it's called systemd because it dicks up your box

This post was made by OpenRC Gang

It's probably because yall are playing that moba that runs on Linux

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I'm p sure I'm the only person on fedi who plays League

Your thermostat, toaster oven, and front lights all having globally routable IP addresses is sooooooooo 2019.

Isn't it time you could boost your dehumidifier's current status? Aren't you excited for people to angrily recommend that others block and report your doorbell?

Your IoT devices NEED ActivityPub.

was just in a "who's had the dumbest client" contest

the winner installed a solar panel system for a mountaintop radio transmitter. no mains power.

the client balked when he saw batteries on the budget. accused dude of scamming him. demanded no batteries.

system installed. all is well.

emergency phone call at 6PM. no power.

(just btw, I don't boost from instances I'm blocked on. I just steal the content. No federation issues.)

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Someone write me a bot which posts this link hourly until the complexity epidemic is over

Then all software developers see nothing but this until they fix their fucking shit

The line to buy pot in Illinois wraps around the building, then around three neighboring buildings.

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like @daughter and @karolat and @Nil01 and @oxblood and @sadladpress and @Mikoto and @kaname and @asteroth and @Maxycuells and @Feuerfuchs @solidsanek and @bagofshit and @solidyoke and @VD15 and @surasanji and @chuculate and @p and @TheMadPirate and @p and @kick and @LennartMathiassen and @dielel8 and @Mombi and @Curarpikt and @worm and @Anunnakey and @murabito @cantinto @iskandrian @louisoft01 @DuchessOfMars @vriska @DeepCoreMining @MisterRogersSnapped @amy @Ricotta and @neko @HonkeyKong @Heliodramus @r @r000t @xeno @succucirno @Kiiro @miya @rice @alcade @ThreeOneThreeChris @diresock

And definitely lots of other people that also I missed but I have to go now.
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Oop. Line's in the back now.

Sprinted for it. Now I'm 3rd in line.

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Weed will be legal in my state in 6 hours.

My med card expired last year, but my dispensary was approved to go recreational tomorrow. A friend and I will be camping outside the door.

I can't believe I've been using android phones for over 10 years now

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You though 2019 was bad year, just watch fuking 2020 go downhill
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It's Christmas, and I can confirm that not a single gaming service is currently degraded or unavailable.

All of the fake LoserSquad Twitter accounts have been suspended.

idunno kids, maybe next year. Time to go back to claiming credit for every service outage so that kids beg you for v-bucks on twitter.

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A silly domain for test deploys, now has a mastodon instance. A place for memes as shitty as the name. Zero bullshit tolerated.