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I'll happily hate on fortnite as much as the next guy, but I also remember these exact articles about World of Warcraft 15 years ago.

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@seeyouindisneyland This was something I thought about for a very long time.

In terms of Joe Blow usability, the fediverse is already 100% totally fucked. It got that way after the Gab drama. There's nowhere you can be on the Fediverse and reliably communicate with everybody else. Large swaths of the network isolate themselves from anybody holding centrist or right-leaning views, and not all of them are doing it voluntarily. There's literally bad actors bullying others into blocking instances.

Bored and lonely.

I sure hope nobody tags me in any hellthreads.

Spinning up an Ekko themed Pleroma instance....

And always remember:


Pure bullshit

As a former fat fuck, I can tell you:
1) Social stigma was a primary driver for change. As it turns out, social incentives are some of the most powerful
2) Losing weight, lifting, and practicing an overall more-healthy lifestyle has drastically mitigated symptoms of depression and ADD
3) Obese people use more resources of all kinds (food, fuel, healthcare, electricity); won't you think of the environment?
4) "healthy at any size" is not only incorrect, it's straight up gaslighting

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Dante's Peak and Jurrasic Park have the same plot line.

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I get a verified user suspended roughly once a month. Whether or not they actually broke the rules is a coin toss. Some celebrity saying "I'll fucking kill you lmao" three years ago is low hanging fruit, but it *does* work.

Verified users are who you want to target, ultimately. They are the reason for Joe Blow to create a Twitter account, they are the attraction. Twitter's value is in celebrities, CEOs, and politicians being accessible through their platform.

Get them b&, they move.

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As a side project, I've been looking for more phrases that have plenty of benign uses but still trigger Twitter's offshore moderation staff.

"beat you" is one of them. Reporting Tweets about, say, video games, containing sth like "I'll beat you this time", gets the author a Twitter vacation a disturbing percentage of the time.

Remember, everyone: Twitter does NOT allow suspended people to come back under new accounts. Consider it marketing for the fediverse!

gosh golly, would really like to know why facebook's showing me ads for wearable explosive gas and carbon monoxide meters all of a sudden

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@kimdotcom @se7en
For reference, this is also already possible in the States.

"balance of probability", also called "preponderance of the evidence", simply means "more likely than not", or 51% likely.

If you are, for example, on probation for some other offense, it's not necessary to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to revoke your probation. Only 51% is needed.

This is how I was jailed for three weeks, in America, for a bomb threat that a Finnish child later admitted to sending

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Kim Dotcom Retweeted:


New Zealand's latest 'Terrorism Suppression' bill allows authorities to deem you a terrorist 'on the balance of probability' w/o showing you evidence, then control your work/finances/movements/net access & prevent you telling ppl its happening …

Original Tweet:

5:15 PM - 19 Oct 2019

===Full-List of bots =>

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Friendships are built on sharing Simpsons references and memes
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Organisms with no brain and 720 sexes already exist on the internet.

They can typically be found recommending instances to block.

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"Paris zoo unveils the 'blob', an organism with no brain but 720 sexes."

Let's hope it gets Internet access, so we can finally get rid of gender drop-downs in web forms.

>Riot announces a bunch of new games
>"Riot's new games are a direct threat to Blizzard"

I mean okay, but I feel it's necessary to point out that if you're looking to jump ship from Blizzard, Riot is wholly owned by Tencent.

Trust me, I ain't happy that China can directly fuck with Ekko. But that's reality.

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New rule: you're only allowed to post about sudo if (ALL, !root) is actually part of your config.
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