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Anybody else see the irony in climate change denial from the group who's slogan is about securing a future for children?

Ever notice how they keep digging up old hateful shit from some of the most devout wokeists?

It's because they've always been bullies. They just found a new way to justify it.

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Yes exactly!

Although I think the embarrassment factor cranks up if the voice on the other end has *perfect* pronunciation

>have to put down an emergency contact
>put down gf
>name "Tsundere Sarah"

lmao if she hangs up on them in an emergency, and I die, soooooooo worth it imo

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Huh, they're actually saying some identities *can* and *can not* be assumed at will "for convenience"

That's one hell of a slip up.

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Richard Dawkins stripped of ‘humanist of the year’ award after inviting discussion on transgender issues in tweet

I know there are a lot of good intentioned people including Dawkins himself on this issue. Many who want to protect the rights earned rightfully by trans people. Allowing zero discussion on these matters however, is not the way to go.

#RichardDawkins #AmericanHumanistAssociation #transrights #transphobia #cancelculture

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good fucking lord, look at the mess they made

As of this post, the latest kernel changelog doesn't show any of these reverts. They'll likely hit today or tomorrow. Until then, this is essentially a list of active Linux 0days.

Some of these will likely be very low hanging fruit for attackers. As soon as reverts drop, you should patch your shit immediately.

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University banned from kernel development after professor and students repeatedly intentionally introduce security vulnerabilities into the Linux kernel.

Then they pull the inclusivity card when they're called out on it.

If you were wondering why Microsoft and all the rest are *really* big on Codes of Conduct and other shit that enables this sort of attack....

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@Moon @TheHermitShrimp magic the gathering tournaments: vaccine required, shower optional

@coolboymew the sword looks like a housekey. probably would have helped if I spelled it right

@march @r don't worry you'll be REEEEEEEEEEEEEing and refusing to marry or buy a house with an american woman soon enough

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The moment you give it to end users, a few will deliberately defeat all of the safety mechanisms. Maybe they want more performance. Maybe they want to want to bypass some DRM on the rods. Maybe they want radioactive material to... Idunno... Poison someone with.

Modders gonna ruin it for everyone
@p @moth

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