@Ttle in high school i thought alice in chains lyrics were cryptic and difficult to understand but now i know that every song is about heroin

I never understood people who got little plaques for their wall with pithy sayings.

And then I saw this beauty.

You are one wolf
You are one wolf
You are two wolves
You are three wolves
You are five wolves
You are eight wolves
You are thirteen wolves
You are twenty-one wolves
You are thirty-four wolves

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its ok to be lazy and leave your kitchen messy sometimes, treat yourself!

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your friends are here
when you want to be weird again

wed ness day
buh log na
moo ayy lerr

BOFA isn't an injection. It works differently.

BOFA is an FDA approved treatment for moderate to severe ligma for whom TheseHands did not work well.

Excuse me, r000t, but I'm a redditor. Is there a TrapGF for me?

Well fear not, we have LeTrapGF just for you!

LeTrapGF comes with a voucher for 1000 karma, a plate of tendies and a side of Tide Pods.

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:) wholesome, friendly, kind

:^) a rake, do not trust him

(: no honor. he has pvp enabled

(^: deeply cursed, an enemy of my city

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Your TrapGF comes with a built in thermal cutoff switch, which will cut power to TrapGF in the event of thermal runaway, preventing damage.

If this safety feature trips, unplug TrapGF and wait 8-12 hours for all internal parts to cool.

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It's the year 2038 AD.

Roving Prime Death drones permanently neutralize all valued Prime Citizens above the age of 55. After a 30 second ad for human composting.

r000t still passive-aggressively closes tickets where the filer said "comp" when they meant computer.

r000t wishes the Prime Death drones could neutralize all people who shorten computer to "comp". After a 30 second ad for human composting.

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when you run your own mastodon, you can say horrible things like

I wanna buy the house across the street from Kurt Eichenwald and throw a wild rave every night.

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