@wowaname I can bug you from two places at once

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that's honestly what's really funny about some of these dudes. they act like memes cause physical harm, and police each other for being able to be exposed to them, but they're on fedi to begin with because they made terroristic threats of violent physical harm to "the fash" on Twitter

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they're all banned from twitter or are unhappy twitter doesn't ban who they feel should be banned.

They're all banned from twitter because an overworked sweatshop worker in the philipenes doesn't care about our politics, they see "fuck you die", they click the b& button.

@admin @roka
ofuck, nvm, it was meow.social

but yeah, I had to break the news to dude: "Your instance is one of the ones that suspend others willy-nilly for political disagreements. In fact, it looks like they deleted your account for disagreeing with someone on radical.town!"

What's funny is kitty.town suspended some dude on reddit for not following the purity nonsense.

@alex Okay um....

What if there was a small hinted suggestion like "Tag people you follow who boosted this", with a modal to check/select people to tag.

@ArdanianRight @roka Right, but free speech also includes the freedom to *not* say things, and to *not* be forced to repeat things you don't agree with.

Therefore, I don't think someone saying "I won't host x, but you're free to follow people on servers who will" is mis-aligned with that ideal

If you reply to a status reblogged/boosted by someone, should your client automatically tag the person who boosted it?

@roka Also, the argument I always hear in response is "free speech means government, not private citizens", and while that is of course true, there's also a big difference between "I don't want to host this" and "I don't want anybody on my server to be allowed to see this", the former is your prerogative (I don't want to host actually bigoted shit, for example, so I don't), the latter is some controlling narcissist shit

@roka more or less what I was driving at, but you worded it better

"I'm a thought leader, and worthy of being the arbiter of what others can and cannot see, because I can deploy a Ruby app, and I have $10 a month for a server to run it on."

@roka freeze peach clearly didn't catch on.

"dont mess with me, im a mastodon administrator, and im not afraid to use my admin skillz to block you"

"the fuck is a protocol?"

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@sjw It's..... beautiful!

I can't wait to give everybody the ability to do this with a single click.

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