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Because it's theorycrafting and fiction and a thought experiment. In Minecraft.
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Sheer volume causing it?

I've wondered how much overhead is being caused by http session setup (and TLS setup) for each individual request. Maybe they can be batched, or at a minimum, use connection pooling.

What about the early 2000s, then? Home computers and some forms of hosted VPS service existed. Peer to peer was getting big. Most internet services were hobbies and security wasn't baked in by default.

If you had a tunnel to the modern internet (for documentation and source), after being transported to 2005, how do you cause as much damage as possible?

@p @rats Born in '95, I feel like I missed out on a golden age of realistically being able to do anything, and there's both no security/logging, and admins/police/courts had absolutely no idea what to do about any of it because all of it's brand new.

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> these are things that anyone could be doing at any time intending to cause destruction

Incidentally, I know of a server that exists entirely to bypass signed fetches. I didn't do it, but I think it's clever. (I don't want to ruin it, I wanna see how long the author can get away with it.)

> internet protocols relying on implicit social contracts + good faith between participants died in the 90s lol.

We used to telnet to the machines and send our passwords in plaintext.

Literally the same drama happened on fedi. Pretty much every project that added hard-coded blocks for Gab continue to use them, even though Gab hasn't federated in years.

If they remove the blocks, they get eaten by the mob.

A popular Mastodon library for python does a relatively expensive SHA-256 hash for literally every web request, and comparing it to a list of Gab domains. Wasted compute time, on every request.

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Being too stupid to use ipv6 to own the nazis
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A format so proprietary, decoding it in Windows is DLC

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@MischievousTomato This is a core feature of a video editor. This should never have left the developer's computer until it was completed.

>you have to edit all the timestamps in a text editor

Why the fuck am I using video editing tools? Why don't I just print out all the frames, grab some scissors and elmer's glue, and superimpose this graphic by hand?

>be me
>use free software
>using kdenlive for video editing
>use motion tracker
>copy keyframes
>paste keyframes to transform
>won't import
>clipboard data shows valid keyframes with valid positions
>something's wrong with the software
>find bug reported in july
>no comments

So kdenlive won't have any motion tracking until the problem affects a developer directly.

If I was using a paid Adobe product, it would just work.

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