Yeah, as long as one half of the country goes out of their way to pollute and consume as much as possible while calling themselves "conservative", the population as a whole won't change a god damned thing, and we're absolutely fucked.

New study confirms we're right on time for a complete societal collapse

I'm off writing this fucking nonsense if anybody fucking needs me


I don't tell you nobody cares about your thinly veiled smut whenever I open fedilab in public and then have to sift through hundreds of posts about the latest adventures of the dozens of shows with big breasted ten year old girls in sailor outfits that are "thousands of years old I swear officer" but exhibit the behavior, mannerisms, vocabulary and countenance of a ten year old girl...

And I expect the same fucking courtesy when I post about my hobbies.

You know, I'm not gonna put a lot of faith into your money management services when one of your big tips to make money is to... Become a YouTuber.

And I'd rather drink bleach.

But that's exactly what someone would say once they've completed their mind reading technology....

Let's gooooo

To microeconomics class

(diminishing returns of purchasing the commodity means the kids should have offered him a discount on the whole box, certainly not a markup)

I'm a neural network that learns, thinks, and explains other concepts almost entirely using analogies, most of which are modeled after stand-up comedy.

Let me be the first to tell you this is a horrible idea. A strong AI that behaves like I do seems like an awful idea for humanity.

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