I don't know what's funnier, Target putting Doritos in an endcap in the gaming section, or that said endcap has been damn near picked clean

Good morning, this image is at the top of a New York Times article about celery juice, and it looks like a shitpost

I mean I hate esports as much as the next guy, but this is just sad.

It also makes me wanna fire up Unity and just make Tragedy Simulator 2020, and make some money off this nonsense.

I hope they get help soon, and I wish them the best of luck in their mental health journey.

Hi, yes hello.

The Dayton shooter was self-proclaimed Antifa.

So, just remember that, the next time someone tells you Antifa isn't a terrorist organization ;)

They're coming for social spaces, online and off, and they're willing to kill to get what they want.

holy shit cnn way to hype it up

I thought the goal was to *not* hype it up

lmao, Mr. "The Left is Out to Kill Me and the Courts Allow It" calls me antifa and blocks me because I asked "Has anybody been acquitted of such?"

What a lightweight. Enjoy your paranoia, be sure to get your risperidone filled.

Screenshot, someone being stupid 

Watching people lose (what's left of) their minds because I *le gasp* helped troubleshoot the most stable, feature-filled Android ActivityPub app.

BREAKING: Keeping an exhaustive list of anybody who isn't an ideological carbon copy of oneself doesn't keep the lights on. More at 11.

lulzcow screenshot 

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