"We'd hate to have to... Cancel you. Is that what you want? I suggest you give in to our demands. Because we aren't fascists. Are we?

ARE WE?!?!?"

aaaaaalmost got a spart of awareness there. Almost. Dude let it pass.

But yes, here's somebody who understands that application developers probably aren't equipped to educate users on hate speech, but doesn't understand that application developers probably aren't equipped to maintain an exhaustive list of places hate speech could maybe potentially possibly happen.

"You MUST NOT use these EVIL applications to access our website! They are FORBIDDEN.
"You MUST NOT interact with these EVIL people! They are FORBIDDEN."
"You MUST subscribe to, and you MUST NOT criticize, this list of positions, dogmas, and ideologies, for they are MANDATORY."

"But why?"

"Because we're not FASCISTS."

>needlessly restricts what applications can be used to interact with his instance
>openly calls for the violent death of other human beings, for crimes as petty as "supporting free speech"
>suspends india-focused instances

>"why aren't any of the new users coming to my instance? they must not have figured out what alts are yet."

Ninja: People who play video games for money should be exempted from the worst punishments

r000t: People who play video games for money set an example for others, and should know the fucking rules of the "profession" they chose.

Don't fucking cheat.

My Target has the stockings too.

This is much harder to do sneakily than 'SEND NUDES'

Kaniini jumps into a discussion dude wasn't invited into, proceeds to tell me I don't work in the field I work in.

This is why I can't support OCAP. Its marketing department is... out of this world.

I'll happily hate on fortnite as much as the next guy, but I also remember these exact articles about World of Warcraft 15 years ago.

Pure bullshit

As a former fat fuck, I can tell you:
1) Social stigma was a primary driver for change. As it turns out, social incentives are some of the most powerful
2) Losing weight, lifting, and practicing an overall more-healthy lifestyle has drastically mitigated symptoms of depression and ADD
3) Obese people use more resources of all kinds (food, fuel, healthcare, electricity); won't you think of the environment?
4) "healthy at any size" is not only incorrect, it's straight up gaslighting


Can't wait to see how he reacts to getting ToS'd

When you cut the power to hundreds of thousands of people, cause runs on pretty much every type of supply, put the sick and elderly at risk, and waste damn near every perishable food in the region, to prevent wildfires....

And get one anyway from a dumpster fire.

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