Gamestop protecting their ego by pretending anybody finds them essential for anything other than copies of Battletoads

Well damn, Verizon, that branding would have been all the rage in 2005.

"soon we'll be down to zero cases look how good of a job we're doing nothing to see here please keep buying things so my rich friends make money and stop losing it please"

DissidentKitty "leaving fedi" - Very long. 


And that's weird, because that's obviously an OVH hostname, and I've literally **hosted a doxbin mirror** on OVH. But that was also 8 years ago, so their policies probably changed.

"fatness is caused by misogeny" and other things stupid people say 

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A silly domain for test deploys, now has a mastodon instance. A place for memes as shitty as the name. Zero bullshit tolerated.