Girlfriend's discord has this ugly ass new font. She doesn't remember changing any relevant settings.

I really really really hope this isn't about to get rolled out everywhere. My machines have all been spared so far.

1) Jesus fucking christ riot, way to be original

2) true damage ekko is not Ekko.

Alpha builds of Android, that ran on blackberries, in 2008, had widgets.

lmao they literally keep falling for the "blindly accept what everyone tells you and check absolutely nothing for yourself" bit. like holy shit.

as a reminder, this is like, 5 instances that are "scrapers", but they very clearly have no scraping functionality. they just say BEEP BOOP NOW SCRAPING.

actual scrapers from github still work literally just fine.

seriously, how long will it take for them to realize that *instances* aren't needed to scrape fuck-all? taking all bets!


*burp* we gotta, we gotta *burp* we gotta go back in time morty and *burrrrrrp* and we have to make *burp* sure they pass universal healthcare Morty! It's the only way Morty! It's the only *burp* way we can get the feznix alien seeds out of your butt Morty! And then we can defeat the gliz'norps! Universal healthcare Morty! *burp* it's the only way we can *burp* schrodingers cat our hypotenuse thrusters and *burp* quantum tunnel the blockchain Morty!

An entire fanbase updating their "deeply held" beliefs literally on a cartoon's say-so

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*Trump announces he fully supports cancel culture, makes daily tweets calling out staff for being bigots*

And just like that, it's not cool any more. Tens of thousands of displaced people are allowed back on platforms.

Take a good look. This is the last time search results for this string will lead you to... Breast expansion fiction

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I got no clue why I don't just skip to this whenever I'm sad. This literally gets me laughing my ass off before misskey finishes fucking compiling

okay soooooooooo

this fucking MENSA member blocks a highway in support of a cause.

she gets pwnt by a member of the very group she was protesting for. maybe he understood that she wasn't exactly helping his cause. or maybe, if you watch the video, you can see her walk *into* the path of the car.

(original, and video since mastodont let you attach videos and images to the same status: )

You don't need to go fancy. You just need to be among friends. Happy 4th, everyone.

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A silly domain for test deploys, now has a mastodon instance. A place for memes as shitty as the name. Zero bullshit tolerated.