Just btw I've never not once seen recruiting for extremist organizations (besides p's) in a multiplayer chat. Ever. There's usually a video game happening that's more important.

@ScampussAurelius @r000t Tom Nook will no longer practice his vile shekelmagic unpunished.
@r000t Have we ever lived in an age before - in America - where the people in charge are so ludicrously frightened, paranoid, and borderline schizophrenic about what people say to one another in private?

I mean, you might think of the McCarthy era, the Wilson ear during WWI, or in the era when they decided to push out the Alien and Sedition Acts, but even those seem tame compared to this shit.
@r000t I wonder what uniform and insignia the "Roblox Counter Terrorism Taskforce" will wear...
@r000t This is why they needed to change MINECRAFT chat? Fuck off feds.
@nobullyplz @r000t Libertarians are living proof of Khrushchev's statement that when people come to hang the West, an American will try to sell the rope.
@nobullyplz @r000t it’s a damn shame, when he sticks to pure science he’s good but then he has to have opinions
@r000t @r000t An attention whore and chronic liar who claimed to be the leader of a KKK chapter claimed the "alt right" was recruiting in CoD by making racist jokes, inviting them to discord, and then saying "no, jesse, not in minecraft." The media reported on this without blinking.

This post is a precursor to a plethora of harmless war and crime games where you blow the heads off and hearts out of voluptuous underaged japanese cartoon girls.

@r000t Now it explains why Minecraft got a word filter and shit.

Good grief.
@Ottovonshitpost @r000t I mean, they sure do fucking act like they are, all things considered.
@OceanRedux @Ottovonshitpost @r000t yeah the CoD bros are quite offensive still \o :) no wonder they want to "do something" about that...
>prevention of extremist exploitation

Meaning content creators or even developers who don't suck the cock of globohomo will have their doors kicked in for not having a pedo flag in their latest Fallout mod. Let's get it over with.
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