>be me
>in car
>screwing around with the radio head unit and my phone
>school just let out
>some fucking kid sticks his hand in the open window and repeatedly pokes my face
>tell him to knock it the fuck off
>he continues
>grab his hand and close the power window on his arm
>parent shows up
>super upset
>"Your baby should keep his hands out of other people's vehicles"
>police show up
>wake up before I get arrested
>puddle of sweat

God I hate children.

@r000t In that dream, which children were the worst, the child poking you or the child who had the child?
If a delinquent child does something bad alone in a forest, is there someone else to still blame other than the mentally child-parent?
I confus.

I don't think blame enters into it. I just want the behavior to stop.

If one doesn't design their kid's behavior properly, I don't really care what they think when I go debugging it. In dreamcraft.

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