How a millennial couple took 15 fucking homes away from the market.

A millennial couple needs to fucking kill themselves.

@r000t Why? This is an inspirational story.

But then again, I'm a capitalist.

@r000t ... i'm gonna say that's a little bit harsh of a punishment but yeah airbnb is one of those things that really challenges one's commitment to free markets :cirno_for_reals:


This is painfully stupid. You don't take anything "away" from the market. That's your attempt to manipulate thinking.

Homes are "taken off the market" when they are sold. That's a phrase that is accurate, because if my personal property isn't for sale, then it's not "on the market".

This couple bought these homes and turned them into income streams, just like a person who buys and rents out properties to those who can't afford to buy.

Big deal.

Homes put up on AirBnB for short term rentals are unavailable for traditional, leased rentals.

Dozens of homes sitting vacant for weeks/months between "guests" are unavailable for people seeking stable, long term housing.

"Anybody seeking long term housing can do so on AirBnB" is horseshit, btw. Anybody doing that doesn't get any of the rights and protections that come with a lease.

@r000t you're a security expert, so I assume you understand incentives. If a person has two options with their property, either sign a contract with a potential tornado of destruction or earn the same or more with less potential downside, they're going to choose the latter. If it is an option people *will* do it, telling them to kill themselves is like telling people not to exploit vulnerabilities. The problem is the vulnerability itself. This is a game of incentives.
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