This person has no idea what he's talking about.

The gaming industry used to make money by making great games that they could sell to as many people as possible. Now, it's about making "scarce" digital products like these gems cost thousands of dollars and getting only a handful of wealthy morons to pay for it.

The gaming community, like any community, is hard of hearing and can't hear the few who shout about this awful business model, and whose voices are quickly silenced. So this guy is making a loud, unsilenceable statement, a real wakeup call. If this gets just one person to refrain from paying $16k, or two players from paying $8k each, or 40 players from paying $400 each, etc., then it's an effective protest.

He's certainly reaching thousands of players, hopefully tens or hundreds of thousands. And hopefully it's not restricted to just Diablo but all the games that rely on a "pay to win" model, which is the model that has ruined gaming.

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