>Starting with Android 11, users are restricted from accessing the /storage/android/data folder

lmao that's not how this works. I paid for the device, it's my god damned device, I shall not be restricted from doing a god damned thing to it.

So that slowed me down by about...idunno... A minute?

@r000t Having admin permissions by default should be mandatory on a device you paid for.


One more reason to only buy devices you can install alternative operating systems on.

@PublicLewdness ehhhh there's a couple of reasons I like my phone being "official"

Bank apps, payment apps, being able to rely on CTS' security guarantees, etc.


Well official means less user freedom to use it as you want. You can yell at Google all you want but I doubt they care.

@PublicLewdness I got the files extracted by mounting the phone on a Windows computer (MTP on gentoo is fucked rn)

Now I'm hitting every file with `strings` to find my buddy

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