100% this was some dude who went home for Christmas and was told "Oh, I went through boxes of your old stuff, and I found that old laptop you were talking about!"

@r000t My dad's friend bought some bitcoin when it was going cheap and put it on his iPad. Now his iPad has a broken screen so he can't access it. If we fix it he says he'll give some to us :fingerheart:.

You can still take a backup with iTunes over USB

@r000t Thanks. Maybe we'll do that. He probably wants his whole tablet back too though.
Is it easy to extract the private key from the backup file?

Probably before those were a thing. Just like safety regulations are written in blood, BIPs are written in lost coins.

@r000t @inference Speaking of lost coins and ways of mitigating that, social recovery wallets look cool. They require smart contracts though.

Depends on the app used. A good one would have used iOS' built-in methods to entangle it with the device's encryption keys.

What I'd do is figure out what app it is and reach out to the developer for next steps.

@r000t @Hyolobrika Someone who doesn't seem to know much about technology probably uses Electrum or something. Most beginner wallets use seeds.
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