Has anybody ever actually gotten a refund from their OEM for the Windows license they don't want to use?

I tried a few times like ten years ago but was told to go fuck myself by both Dell and HP.

@r000t We just order all our Dell PCs without a windows licence in the first place. Only saves us ~$45 per computer.
Doubt that's an option for regular consumers, though.

For a little while, it was with their netbooks. You could get them with Ubuntu.

But boomers would order the cheapest one and then bitch that it wasn't running windows.

@r000t With the model of Latitude that we bought most recently Ubuntu wasn't an option, but FreeDOS was for whatever reason. :blobcatshrug:

Ah, that reminds me of some collage girl who bought an Ubuntu laptop by mistake years ago. Ended up getting in the news because that meant she couldn't study or whatever.
I'm a little bit sympathetic. Buying something that you don't know anything about must be difficult, be it a car, computer, etc. But if you don't get what you expected because you didn't do enough research it's still kinda your fault :/


How much is the refund? I thought it was something like $8 🤣😂🤣

I get that it's the principle though. The machines I build for myself will never have any Windows OS installed on them for any reason.

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