And of course tryhard1 literally had a handler

@r000t wow... this is huge... they pay more attention to not upset millions of users by banning big streamers....
@lain @r000t twitter does the same thing, that's why what's her name didn't get suspended for saying her brother's friends nuts exploded from covid vaccine
@Moon @r000t i'm neither surprised nor angry, seems sensible really. If I ran a public server I'd also be more careful with the regulars than with newcomers who start posting stupid stuff.
@lain @r000t 2 months didn't bother me but six+ months did.
@lain @r000t tbh makes sense to me too. it does suck that they tacitly admit that there's two tiers to how carefully they investigate a report before banning.
@Moon @lain @r000t YouTube does it as well, certain channels can say banned words.

They restrict their enemies' ability to communicate, while not doing the same to their friends.
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