But that's exactly what someone would say once they've completed their mind reading technology....

@r000t This AI can read you intent to write things.
Imagine yourself writing something, and it will recognize the letters.

The technology already exists.

Yeah but right now they got it with willing participants in a highly controlled setting, they probably have to build per-person profiles of them writing a bunch of shit... Let's see how it fares on someone it's never seen before, who's physically struggling, and is thinking of anime tits or whatever in order to not give up crypto passwords

@r000t The technology is in its infancy... for now.
So was face recognition.
Now you have it in every iPhone.

Depp fakes used to be difficult, now people make a picture of Epstein sing how he likes little girls.

Give it 10~20 years, and you'll have a brain interface in the latest VR headset.

@SystemSock @r000t
I am still waiting for the news to drop that crime evidence was deep-faked and an innocent man ended up behind bars...

There's already people serving life sentences on evidence fabricated with AI. I guarantee it.

We'll hear about him in 40 years when he gets out and the government gives him $20 for his trouble.

@r000t @LukeAlmighty That's not really needed.

It costs less to #MeToo you, than it does to hire a competent special effects artist.

It also runs the risk of getting any of that shit lead back to the conspirators.

Much simpler to send innocent people to prison with the good old "think of the women/children" excuse.

@SystemSock @r000t
sad, but you are totally right. with the right media spread, that shit can burry even huge politicians...

You can't people who are self sufficient and don't mind ostracism. For everything else, there's GraphicsCard.

@SystemSock @r000t the EEG tech for this has existed a while now (ex. eemotiv headsets) but hasn't been accessible to indie devs (who do the innovating) and works kinda shit. they haven't gotten very many unique outputs from the things to work with.

the brain may be laced with radio crystals but its kinda dummy thicc and hard to get much out of without really sensitive equipment or implants.

though yeah the army signalled they wanted telepathy chips years ago.
@r000t @SystemSock >per-person profiles
You mean, exactly what facebook dies to everyone?

@SystemSock @r000t
Oh god... How did it know that I wanted to say just how much I love our chinese friends and that we should join under their benevolent brotherhood? :ablobmeltsoblove:

@r000t that's okay we have gabe newell doing it anyway
@r000t "We know there are a great many unspoken concerns among the public regarding this project." said a Facebook representative when asked to comment about the cancellation.
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