Take federation, for example.

I cannot communicate with any League players on the two "official" flagship instances, as well as the gamer instance. If any League players on those platforms wanted to contact me, they would be gaslit and told I do not exist by their instance software.

Now, the vast majority of people on fedi, that communication is dead-simple, happens in under a second.

If I want it, I have to go find impure street amphetamines (because no health insurance) and painstakingly build a tool that's designed to, merely by existing, cause anguish for Mastodon users.

Quiiiiiiite a bit of difference in effort there. But I'm privileged.

And legit, the only ADHD "medication" I had access to a month ago, I sent it in to Energy Control, and whaddya know. It's meth. Mostly. Plenty of impurities and "the wrong isomer", but yup. Meth. Meth is what I have to solve my mental problems. Ain't that just fucking handy? Not being set up for failure at all.

@r000t i took vyvanse and it helps me focus but gives me crazy anxiety so i dropped it

Vyvanse is the only thing that worked for me. And it's still on patent.

Honestly, here's my idea

1) pwn Shire
2) offer to balete stolen information in exchange for either 1,000 40mg Vyvanse or literally anybody to play League with
3) enjoy 3 year supply of Vyvanse because somehow that's easier to accomplish

@r000t that's a whole lot of vyvanse, would definitely activate glowies
@r000t i know you're just desperation-spitballing. can you not go on your girlfriends insurance plan if she has one? or get a job with insurance? sounds like it would really turn your life around

So, recruiters and HR people have air brakes.

It's Weird. They look just like normal people, right? And they really like my resume and my experience and fkxixjbekd

But I've learned to avoid wasting my time. I've done it so many times, I eventually gave up and started speed running it. How fast can I get a recruiter to apply the air brakes?

"And since we're trying to fill this position ASAP, we were wondering if you could com-"
"I'm a felon."

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@r000t you need better networking, if you play by the rules you're already fucked. maybe freelancing would let you find people on the inside.

@georgia That's what I've been doing. And living off of... found.... cryptocurrency.

Wanted to start an LLC this year but need to actually get a lolyer involved because I absolutely positively want profanity in my LLC name.

@r000t @vriska can you teach him to make money off markets like you did and/or help him get vyvanse lol

@georgia @r000t I certainly can't do the first thing BUT I may be able to do the second thing!

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