Throwback to when Elon Musk (the guy selling you self driving cars) namedropped r000tles because infosec is super super hard.


Btw, while a social engineer had control of DNS

Nobody could start or lock/unlock their $45,000+ cars.

A teenager called up and asked Network Solutions very nicely for control of the domain. And got it. And grounded hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

This company wants you in a self driving car.

@r000t That's pretty funny, but also a good reminder as to why a lot of things really shouldn't be connected to the internet.
I feel like in 10 years time it won't be possible to buy a new "offline" car.

That ship has already sailed. GM has had cellular modems in most of their cars since the late 2000s

@r000t Huh, that interesting. Internet connected vehicles are a relatively recent thing down here in :aus: land. Maybe living on a deserted island has more benefits than I first thought.
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