University banned from kernel development after professor and students repeatedly intentionally introduce security vulnerabilities into the Linux kernel.

Then they pull the inclusivity card when they're called out on it.

If you were wondering why Microsoft and all the rest are *really* big on Codes of Conduct and other shit that enables this sort of attack....

good fucking lord, look at the mess they made

As of this post, the latest kernel changelog doesn't show any of these reverts. They'll likely hit today or tomorrow. Until then, this is essentially a list of active Linux 0days.

Some of these will likely be very low hanging fruit for attackers. As soon as reverts drop, you should patch your shit immediately.

@r000t That's a take I didn't think of before.
Good thinking.
@r000t It's just like with "society" -- Wokeism is a serious vulnerability, whose only true purpose is to create backdoors.
@mystik @r000t hey guys I might be intentionally introducing bugs and vulnerabilities into your software, but I'm a newbie woman minority so you can't ban me wah!

@hector @r000t @mystik Just imagine what those woke fucks were going to do with it...

@mystik @r000t "They might be destabilizing the social order and destroying the culture, but they're gay disgenic retards so it would be wrong for us to stop them."
@r000t >"I respectfully ask that you cease and desist from making wild accusations that are bordering on slander."
@r000t Remember when people thought Linus Torwalds was rude for saying "your pull request is shit, fix the fucking pull request" to some person who kept trying to push the EXACT SAME REJECTED PULL REQUEST to the kernel without fixing it?

Cc @lupyuen

Intro quotas into your devel team. See your product collapse from secuholes and low code quality or as of why linux beats bigtech ms and all other pc following sucky corpos on secu and code quality.

@r000t GNU is Lefties. Lefties want tracing for command and control. Microsoft is Lefties. Linux is Lefties. Apple is Lefties.

Whatcha gonna do, Alfie?


"Intimidating to newbies and non-experts" - Good. Submitting fucking kernel patches should not be the place for newbies and non-experts.

"seem to be unrepentant"

Funny how that works. Just like how we sinners are toward God.

It helps to establish a relationship with the developer & code that was written; Jesus & the Bible :)

@GNU/r000t can you please link the source???
For the claim that "they pull the inclusivity card" I couldnt find a source.
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