@r000t they depend on physical access restriction to keep these safe, when they change the sign they'll use a bucket crane and a cop to run a traffic break

if you can get physical access you can own it but if you fall from that height onto a highway it's rip

if they're actually connecting these things to some kind of network they deserve what they get
@s8n @r000t the ones Vince, Goat and other niggas hacked just had a VNC with a default passwords connected to a Windows machine for those lmao
@zero @r000t lol the vendor says don't connect them to any network at all and has the state sign contracts saying they won't
@s8n @r000t maybe they learned their lesson but I doubt all of em did
@zero @s8n @r000t the ones they put up around here are networked, there is no other efficient way to update them with traffic conditions, accident warnings, etc.
@BlinkRape @zero @r000t here they actually legit use bucket cranes and update them over a serial port. When they need to give traffic condition warnings they put one of those light bulb trailers out on the side of the road and nobody fucks with them for some reason
@s8n @r000t @zero that's more of a road work thing though. I mean.... unless they actually roll out the trailer signs for car accidents and shit? that seems retarded

I don't even know how they're doing it but I'm gonna guess cellular service or something "cheap". would not be surprised at all
@BlinkRape @r000t @zero we don't get those kinds of updates for accidents. The overhead signs always say some political shit about coronavirus or not drinking and driving and when there's weather conditions they use the trailers
@s8n @r000t @zero yeah ours are all integrated into one. We get all that shit across them
@r000t @s8n @zero can't believe that tranny faggot wants to run for public office

@BlinkRape @s8n @zero the ones on shodan seem to all be on verizon modems

@zero @s8n im gonna go knock over the card stand guys be there in 30 minutes

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