@p hey do I have to do anything to force pleroma to "load" new MRFs?

I'm having trouble getting the webux to reflect the addition of this..... "antihellthread" module.

@r000t You've got to recompile and restart, though if you're using in-DB config I do not know. Maybe restarting works.
@p @r000t it had to be declared in config then recompile Pleroma + restart

@duponin @p do I also have to do all of this upon changing the S3 settings? There seems to be absolutely nothing I can do to get it to stop using the local directory short of setting mode 000 on it

@r000t @p if settings are stored in DB you shouldn't have to restart server
If it's config files you have to

@duponin @p I don't know. I gave up trying to configure this in October.

@r000t @p ok
Is your instance up and running or hidden and you are working on?

I guess you did the `mix pleroma instance.gen` (if from sources)
It prompts you if want to store settings in DB or not

@duponin @p well I found the in-browser settings editor which probably means it's using the DB. changed what I needed to, getting this now.

Guessing I need to recompile everything?

@r000t @duponin That sometimes happens when you haven't refreshed the page.

@p @duponin no, the docstring in pleroma for a specific s3 setting is absolutely horrendous and I'm literally about to learn git to change it good fucking lord I'm so fucking sick of bad translations into english from fedilab to btrfs to fucking pleroma I can't fucking take it

"but x is a native english speaker"

another child left behind.

@p @duponin oh good lord, what a trash heap. went back to local storage, now they at least upload, but they never show up.

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