>people getting all panicked over a single Internet exchange getting the facade torn off of it

folks, the internet was, from its infancy over 60 years ago, designed to be able to withstand nuclear strikes so that military leaders could still have access to pornography.

the internet will be fucking fine. if large amounts of AT&T's network shit the bed because of this, that sounds like AT&T's problem.

Let me put it to you this way

I would fully expect that if I was at the DC on LaSalle St, and an RV exploded outside of it, I'd expect to *maybe* feel a rumble in the server rooms.

@r000t to be fair, it was never actually tested by nuclear war so we can't actually know if it works unless we launch them all.

This is why I recommend giving your pornography a pass with youtube-dl

@r000t nah, the internet porn should go away after the internet dies. it's only fair.

How do you think I made that Taylor Swift / Tal Bachman shitpost?

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