I hope I've done enough to show that it's very, very very clear that the folks calling me "a bad actor" are easily 10x more harmful to marginalized communities and the fediverse as a whole, as some Itty bitty shitty PyQt5 application.

I also hope I've done enough to show that even a little centralization is bad. got too big for its britches, and Eugene is literally outright refusing to, not just neglecting to, but outright saying he will not, enforce his own Code of Conduct. He had to be wheedled and prodded to even show a little bit of transparency.

I seriously hope that I've made these things perfectly clear. Especially on that first part; At this point, I don't want to hear a god damned thing about someone being "harmed" by a PyQt5 application that downloads public content.

Because holy shit am I bored with this.

@r000t what application are you developing that's got their panties in a bunch?

@r000t Looks neat. So is it a local client for logging activity? I don't know all of your backstory here. This bothers them why? Other than having logs of people saying things they may later regret xD.

@r000t Also I see you have some contact info on your site. Do you happen to be on Matrix?

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