Just gonna keep this screenshot around for when this @KitsuneAlicia@octodon.social whines about Trump's second term.

Folks, you can't fail to vote because the candidates didn't pander enough to your niche custom species/gender/persona/whatever by name, and then complain about the policies of the person you failed to vote against.

This is wokeism keeping their own policial party from power, because no candidate can make all of these people happy.

Btw, since you WILL claim I'm haxx0ring to see your posts, again, this is a normal browser tab. This will be the third time you've failed to explain how that's haxx0ring.


Hold on... rOS has a complete system emulator; let's load Alicia into it and sim the conversation...

"this system is so horrible it's so terrible what can I do to fix it?"


"But neither guy is promising to give people who agree with me the ability to censor, subjugate, jail, torture, or kill people who don't."

"then I guess you aren't too interested in fixing it, good job letting perfect become the enemy of good"

"Well actually the power dynamics of the social construct relative to the crypto-fascism and allochiset binary privilege, clearly show the inherent inequalities in colonial cisnormativity, and thus the multiple-conciousness objectivity of microinvalidations and settler fragility in the core of value-neutral gender equilibrium for post-modern metanormatove matrix of domination and intercorporeality through..."

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