1) Twitter is a private business, your first amendment rights have not been violated. A single company having everyone's "official" communications by the balls is a direct result of everybody literally handing them that power.

2) Can't be censored on your own equipment. Twitter is trash. Leave it.

Again... Twitter isn't.... A democracy. Democratize your social media, then it will function like you expect it to.

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@r000t There are some interesting court rulings on that as pertains to the President's twitter, as well as blocking users by officials. I bet they would apply here on a legal level. Not saying I agree, I think the president should have said fuck it and made a White House pleroma server. would have been lit as fuck

Twitter ain't a utility.

The President cannot block people because he is President. This would be the case on any platform.

@r000t Correct. There's also been some ruling regarding whether they can delete his tweets, it's why they get that stupid clickthrough instead of full shutdown/delete.

And they are btw, one thousand percent hosed the moment he leaves their platform. They're only afloat because they get free advertising every hour of every day because the president uses their service.

Once he's no longer in office, they got a tough choice to make. If he's no longer a public official, there's no reason to keep otherwise ToS breaking tweets around.

@r000t Imagine being so dumb that you think a corporation will hold the interests of third-parties like a government.
@lanodan @r000t I just hope it pushes more people to the fediverse, more stupid people for me to mock.

When he's out of office they'll have to start removing shit or outright banning him.

And a third of the country will be sold on fedi instantly.

@r000t @lanodan Oh they're actively trying to hide the Hunter Biden story, which makes it much more viral than it was originally. They shot themselves in the foot and I don't feel sorry.
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