also @tuxcrafting bruh there's already plenty of operating systems already written. the last guy to write his own os for the hell of it got hit by a train.

@r000t yeah but my OS is gonna be the Best OS Ever Written, you see
(more seriously, i've just always wanted to make my own OS and i have too much free time)

@tuxcrafting @r000t tbh if you get the OS done and functional, you prob wont need a uni degree anymore, you can go straight into the job market with that on your CV… whatever kind of job it would be, im not sure

@igel @r000t i guess something related to systems or embedded programming
which is uhh
not a lot these days

@tuxcrafting @igel
Only a few Linux kernel developers/maintainers do it out of the kindness of their hearts. The rest work for Red Hat.

@r000t @tuxcrafting I guess tuxy could work on linux kernel dev stuff 🤷

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