I want someone else to be sad, and I want to know I'm responsible for it.

Some random fuck just threatened me with a loaded gun and I'm butthurt about it

Well and I'm here thinking "Well either you're CCL licensed or not, and this is not behavior that keeps you your license"

And that idea that if I did a tenth of the public freakout this man had, I'd be serving years in prison.

You can't just... Have a gun on you at all times. Even here.

Each state has varying rules for what permits are required and what the criteria are for getting them. There is also a distinction made between whether or not you're allowed to openly carry a firearm where everyone can see it, as opposed to keeping it under your clothes.

My state is on the stricter side, requiring a permit for concealed carry (CCL), and not allowing open carry of any kind.

What I was saying was, either this guy admitted to illegally carrying, or was behaving in a way that would have gotten his license revoked.

@r000t @igel You should have karate choped the gun out of his hand and kicked his head off, idiot.

@izarella @r000t ok then eat a lot of ice cream and get over it ez
@izarella @r000t well im all ears on a voice call... maybe. I dont really do long conversations via text
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