just for anybody wondering, this is the "toxic" thing I said to get cancelled from most of fedi.

marked NSFW, obviously. It's just TOO HOT FOR FEDI.


@r000t This is a software requirements document feedback comment. How the hell is that sort of thing judged 'toxic'?

@neanderthalsnavel because I didn't account for the power dynamics of the social construct relative to the crypto-fascism and allochiset binary privilege, clearly show the inherent inequalities in colonial cisnormativity, and thus the multiple-conciousness objectivity of microinvalidations and settler fragility in the core of value-neutral gender equilibrium for post-modern metanormatove matrix of domination and intercorporeality

@neanderthalsnavel as for a real, nonmeme answer

1) This was in reply to a group of people who were actively brigading the developer of a fediverse android application, because said developer would not prevent their app from being used to log into Gab.
2) The person in question does not use words like "I". Because they pretend to have multiple personality disorder. They even VLAN tag posts with which "personality" is speaking. One of them is a "succubus demon witch".
3) This person, and I am not exaggerating in any way, uses the following comic as their moral barometer. this is literally, what this person has said, is their entire moral compass, and should be the start and end of criteria for what's good and bad. In fact, *such was the reply to the "toxic" thing up above*, in response to my third point. I swear to god.

And this is literally the opposite interpretation of the book, than the author intended.

@neanderthalsnavel oh yeah

and I even asked permission before writing that. I literally asked and got permission first. and I was still literally hitler.

@r000t NEVER ask permission from those liars. NEVER stop when they tell you to. You are on the right track with an alias.

@neanderthalsnavel oh, friend, I was dox'd a decade ago.

I've even had my dox posted on elon musk's hacked twitter. I fear no doxing.

@r000t yeah - that infographic perfectly explains the logic behind malformed millennials and their GenX & Boomer enablers. They are NOT going to be able to stop decentralization of platforms like the fediverse. They would have to take the whole Internet down to do it, and then bulletin board systems can be made, like in the 80s.

@r000t I was thinking how it is possible that people for which we assume to know what means "free speech" become such hypocrites and instead of providing a communication platform, rather like to act as #thoughtpolice. It is screwing unbelievable. Where does it come from? It is the in-built corrupted integrity? Or lack of thinking?

Ever notice how they keep digging up old hateful shit from some of the most devout wokeists?

It's because they've always been bullies. They just found a new way to justify it.

@r000t Those guys are bunch of little whining girls. They would never be able to confront one face to face.
@r000t I like to tell this way, I liked that one series, where the sentence was repeated so many times, but I forgot the name...
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