Seeking fediEngine alpha testers 

Hey, there's absolutely zero reason you should have to install more memory just to view a few instance's timelines. Explore and discover, without propping up SK Hynix's stock value, with fediEngine.

Join the fediEngine movement. There are 3 main points:

1) Lightweight, cross platform, and not a web browser. Current builds use around 60MB of memory at startup, and only use about 150MB even when loaded down with tens of thousands of statuses. Runs everywhere Python and PyQt5 do.

2) Aims to be fully independent of "home" instances; No more missing out on half the conversation because federation's shitting the bed. fediEngine will even dynamically use all of your accounts to fetch missing statuses, with per-account proxy/Tor settings. Have access to the entire fediverse, no matter who you choose to associate with.

3) Stop being gaslit by your, or anyone's admins. Take full control, see what you came to see, be what you wanna be, even if you don't like what you see. And if you do, keep harmful content away with powerful block/mute facilities, including list subscriptions. Either way, you can go out and seek your truth.

I'm currently seeking alpha testers. That is, I'm looking for people who can hammer on the shittiest, jankiest builds, and submit meaningful bug reports.

If that's you, reply here or DM me. I need to know what OS you are on, and what Python 3 version you're rocking. And be sure to check out the video!

The far, far, far future includes a headless mode, and even the ability to use fediEngine as a standalone ActivityPub server or relay!


This video actually captures the dialog windows, so you can see the new tab UX and status view UX. There's also a better demonstration of how threads are shown.

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