okay cobalt.

If this address hits 1BTC, I'll leave fedi forever.

I just can't imagine, though, why you'd be so hateful and bigoted towards a disabled person. I'm almost positive that against Octodon's ToS. All over a late april fool's joke.

Thanks for proving that all of the CoCs and Covenants and Pacts and whatever other cutesy-poo things y'all wanna call your ToS, ultimately goes out the window whenever y'all feel like it.


@r000t The rules only apply to people they don't like
@cirno @r000t The one true rule of cops is to ride the edge of the law, they didn't even learn this one yet.
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A silly domain for test deploys, now has a mastodon instance. A place for memes as shitty as the name. Zero bullshit tolerated.