Spitballing a metatroll 

Okay so, let's start with these assertions:

1) On the more cancelly parts of the fediverse, (and there's more than one, see later) there's a different subset of non-PC actions that'll actually get you cancelled.
2) Likewise, each action has different "severities". Some will get angry replies. Others will get reported. Yet others will get your instance suspended from a few places if your admins don't bow down.
3) Randomly stumbling upon some dude's use of the word "retard" and then block-begging to anybody who will listen, is not only acceptable, but it's rewarded, and deemed virtuous. There is no need to conceal your intentions.
4) It's possible to obtain at least a partial list of suspensions at most instances. A graph could even be built.
5) Some admins loudly announce the reasons for a suspension, allowing you to figure out what behavior would make them be loud again
6) Some admins will suspend entire multi-user instances based on a single status, without making any attempt to contact administrators at that instance. In other cases, they will contact administrators, and then suspend the entire instance because a single status will not be deleted.
7) Based on previous examples of canceldon infighting, admins and users on both instances involved will be stirring up new drama in the name of the old drama for at least a few weeks.

So, knowing this....
1) Make unaffiliated alternate accounts at medium-sized Mastodon instances in the triggerverse, and participate normally.
2) For each individual thing that can get one cancelled, have a list of instances where that thing has reliably gotten remote instances suspended
3) You'll have some low hanging fruit, like use of the word "retarded", missing content warnings, mild islamophobia, basically things that would cause their administrator to find more fault with the reporter than the reportee.
4) Either using live firehose streams, or a previous scrape, look for instances of these things. Regex is magic. So is OCR.
5) Be a Good Fediverse Citizen! Sound the alarm! Post your OFFICIAL INSTANCE BLOCK RECOMMENDATION! Helpfully tag some administrators from the list of instances that you know will start some shit over it
6) get maximum boosties and backpats
7) Follow up with more posts from various people on the same instance doing the same thing. Why aren't the admins doing anything about this?!
8) Your work is done. Take lots of screencaps, for the lulz.

Now you can take this a step further: Use any of the fediverse connectivity graphs to find pairs of instances that interact *A LOT* but also have minor incompatibilities between their CoCs. Find matching statuses, sever thousands of social connections. Now users are frustrated with their banhappy admins. They can't talk to anybody interesting!

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