@r000t Honestly, a Pleroma poll would have been better.
@moonman @r000t Isn't Google Drive their consumer-level product? They likely have a different product for cloud storage.
@lnxw37a2 @r000t goog cloud does have the equivalent of s3 buckets, yeah.

@lnxw37a2 @moonman yeah that's kinda what makes it so terrible. still trying to get a solid source on that tho.

@moonman I mean, if they were stored with, for example, digital signatures from the person in charge of each precinct, storing them on a public S3 bucket could be considered a really good idea for transparency.

but there's absolutely no fucking way these noobs did any sort of message authentication.

no matter how deep we go into this electronic voting nonsense, we need to always have paper backups, like Iowa thankfully did.

@r000t That is a privacy regulation law suit waiting to happen. What the fuck was he thinking?
@r000t sauce?
I do know the gov offered to security audit the app, and Shadow declined.

@aven "sauce" I got is this long ass podcast I don't really wanna listen to

I'm trying to finder better sources but I'm lazy and haven't played, like, a single league match yet today

@r000t ok thanks for sharing, I'm just wary of unsupported claims.

I found the mention at 52:45, where a person says "fun fact, that I do happen to know about this...", without naming their source. The rest of the video at a glance looks like a pretty darn evidence-supported analysis, and knowing their field and details.

I'd lean toward believing the claim.

You sat through an hour of that? Damn, bro

@r000t @alex I did not, either. skipped around based on thumbnail, and watched roughly 10-minutes worth at 2x speed.

I was mostly looking for the nugget, but it was clear they had in-depth knowledge, and the guest on the podcast was a democratic party chair for the caucus in one county. He wasn't the one who made the Google Drive claim, but he wrote a Washington Post article about the chaos, linked in the video's description.
@r000t @alex an article that again, I glanced but did not read
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