My use of your preferred pronouns is an act of respect.

It's something I can, and will, stop doing if you aren't going to show the same courtesy and respect. This is a two-way street.

If you stop treating me like an equal, I can respond in part. How about we be nice to each other?


@a7 @jeff

"Respect is a human right"
"Lol gay"

Way to prove his point? Why be respectful when you are disrespected?

@tn5421 @a7 @jeff
he was memeing dude. you let the tumblrverse get to you.


omg so offensive D:<<<<
Who's pretending? I'm just shitposting from work for lack of shit to do.
@r000t @a7

@tn5421 @r000t @jeff think words have context, autist, retard, gay, fuckboy, meanwhile, slut, cunt - I mean you can choose to take offense at the mere mention of a sexuality and it seems like an huge waste of time, jokes are jokes, immaturity is fun and sometimes funny because it is exactly that immature, wrong, etc.

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