just btw, if you see all the things wrong with...
*) Extracting oil, gas, or coal
*) Incarcerating people
*) Child labor

And your response, your thing that you're doing to help, is that your shitty little microblogging software cannot be used by those entities:

1) You're greatly underestimating the attorneys used by entities that do these things
2) You aren't helping anybody
3) You. Aren't. Helping. Anybody.
4) Those companies will use your shit anyway, if they want


This is a fantastic example of the lunacy of Fediverse "activists"

You admit that there are marginalized communities that are embattled, cut down, and otherwise fucked with, IRL, by both randoms and the state itself....

But all of your fighting, all of your effort, everything you're doing to "help"..... Is minorly inconveniencing people who might make fun of them on the Internet.

The people who need your help the most HAVE BIGGER FUCKING PROBLEMS. But actually helping is hard, isn't it?

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