Client it is. Triggering people who get triggered by their public posts being public will come another day.

Client will be:
1) PyQt5. Cross platform. No Electron.
2) tabbed, QTreeView. Very high density. Should be unique. Meant for power users.
3) multiple accounts, of course!
4) Open a unified timeline, individual timelines, instances' public timelines, in tabs
5) Tor support, per-account
6) User agent can be changed, so nobody can punish you for using r000t's software
7) Requests?

@r000t inspire it after subway tooter for mobile / tweetdeck for desktop, those are the only two clients worth a shit
@r000t and permissive (isc) or public domain (unlicense/wtfpl)
@r000t i was gonna write a client using Tk toolkit but its low on my priorities. if you can make a qt5 one that doesnt suck up half my system memory then thats good enough for me
@r000t oh you said pyqt5, lol this is gonna be heavy

@wowaname It uses ~55MB on startup and uses ~70MB with 3,000 statuses in RAM. Haven't written the logic to evict statuses, but they are written to SQLite for permanent storage.

@wowaname 36,000 statuses in memory, 158MB memory in use.

Lean enough for you?

@jeff @wowaname
also should I keep the FreezyPeach name? I wanted something that wouldn't startle the tumblrverse, because I *AM* trying to build The Best Fediverse Client and I *DO* want people using it across the fediverse, that's why I was gonna change it to fediEngine on release.

@wowaname @jeff
Absolutely not, I'm insulted you'd make the suggestion. My most favorite person in the whole multiverse is black.

@r000t @jeff are you assuming black people are all niggers? wow, racist, no wonder you got a recommended block
@r000t @jeff im being unironic about calling "nigger" racist, you stop associating the word with blacks and i stop talking about it

@wowaname @jeff
The word "colloquial" comes to mind. I asked you to stop. Please stop.

@r000t @jeff anyway back on topic, im naming my chat client "achlys" after the goddess of death and have a dead pigeon as a logo (kind of a callout to pidgin, since my goal is to make the best multiprotocol chat client because pidgin fucking sucks), im making the client capable of potentially-"harmful" features like proxy list support and multiple connections per irc network, shit like that

basically the name and purpose is unassuming until you dig deep enough, and it'll be a damned good client that people who cant get over themselves might groan at. cant wait to see if people use it regardless, once im done with it
@r000t @wowaname @jeff Is it :blackscienceman: ?

Is it OOOH, is it the black guy from "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream"? The one the computer turns into a racial caricature?

No, hold it...Jesus? *OR* Black Jesus? (They were both black.)

OJ Simpson, Johnny Cochrane, or badass Chris Darden?
@p @r000t @wowaname the new fediverse client "gab expectations manager", i like that name.

@p @wowaname @jeff
It's the guy in my banner, characterized in my avatar, mentioned in my bio, shown in my pinned toots...

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

A Zaunite inventor who built a time machine out of spare parts, and can use it to set a point and rollback to it as many times as he needs.

Out of all the characters playable in League, I've only played this one. I love him like a son. He means everything to me.

@r000t @wowaname @jeff Just name it Ekko, then, that's a cool name.

(But also "Jesus" or "Black Jesus" would have been better names.)

@p @wowaname @jeff
nah, I can't use his branding. he builds his own stunts.

@p @wowaname @jeff

Do you know how badly I want SJW to stress test this app?

@r000t @wowaname @jeff Yes.

You know, if you could get all notifications in one tab, that'd vastly simplify having alts.
@r000t @wowaname call it something like "KFC" killer fediverse client.

@jeff @wowaname
I'm literally not including any racial slurs or jokes of any kind in this client.

@p @r000t @wowaname it's settled, it'll be the alex jones freaking gay frogs fediverse client.

@jeff @wowaname @p
you guys really don't like FreezyPeach?

@r000t @jeff @wowaname I like it, but I think this is an idiosyncrasy shared by too few people.
@jeff @r000t @wowaname



The Fighting Mongooses

Client that Doesn't Suck


AOL Instant Messenger


Legend of Fediverse

Fediverse: The Phantom Pain

Fediverse: The Phantom Pain (but this time it's a reference to the subtitle for Vagrant Story instead of MGSV)

FedPoster :putin_wink:

Mastodon (just to stick it to 'em)
@jeff @r000t @wowaname

Fedi "The Rock" Verse

Fedi Krueger

Right Said Fedi

Fedi Savage

Fed, Fedd, and Feddy

@sadladpress @jeff @r000t @wowaname You can trade, because "Sad Lad Press" would be a pretty good name for a fedi client.
@p @jeff @r000t @wowaname

I'm gonna make my own instance called that and have it specifically for sad bitch posting. If you imply your life is ok or you don't actually want to die you get permabanned and also an assassin sent to your house.
@r000t @wowaname actually, make it ironic gab flavored full of memes that dunk on their expired mentality and such.
@r000t ah ye thats unconventional, dunno if i would be comfortable regularly using it, but i guess its python so i could easily fork it and do whatever
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