PROTIP: If you do not want an archive of the fediverse to include your public content, that you posted publicly, to the public timelines, for public consumption, here's a to shut that down for *good*:

Use any of the other three options you see here. Easy peasy!

@r000t That's just stupid. It's much better to rely on everyone else to adjust their behaviour for your safety.
@r000t Actually it's perfectly posible to scrape past those, always assume anything posted remains on forever.

I would imagine they're trying to claim that your scraper won't respect post-privacy. It's the only point they can make that isn't praying to zombie jesus.


The entire point of this exercise, the whole reason we're here, is to raise awareness about these post options.

r000gle will 1000% respect post privacy options: If you post Followers Only or Direct, I guarantee that your status will not be archived.

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